Life at TFA


The coaches are sent for various junior tournaments and also to various states where selection camps are organised and potential cadets short-listed. The short listed cadets are called to TFA for screening. Final selection is made based on parameters set by the academy.

Cadets are required to strictly adhere to the rules set by the academy. All cadets are required to maintain harmony and ensure congenial environment in the academy.



Endurance Strength



Basic Endurance Specific strength
Speed Endurance Explosive Strength
Specific Combined Endurance Polymetric Strength

Speed Flexibility



Speed and Coordination Stretching
Explosive Speed Yoga
Speed and Agility Gymnastics


  • Communication
  • Involvement and attitude
  • Motivation in training and competition
  • Sharing responsibility
  • Winning temperament


  • Wide range of basic and complex skill
  • Suppleness
  • Fast footwork
  • Feinting while in position
  • Receiving, distributing
  • First touch
  • Dribbling
  • Shooting etc.


  • Individual tactics
  • Group tactics
  • Team tactics
  • Match tactics
  • System of play
- Positioning in defense and attack
- Combination play
- Solid attack - defense building
- Concept in defense attack
- Formation

  1. Duration - Four years residential training course with systematic pyramid load of training. Junior group 14 - 16 years & Senior group 16 - 18 years.
  2. Wide range of basic competitive techniques and tactics.
  3. Key factors in defensive, midfield; and attacking at set play.
  4. Handling opponent with and without ball.
  5. Training in Technical, Tactical and Physical aspects.
  6. Developmental training of Mental/ Psychological aspects like:
  • Personal attribute
  • Courage and risk taking
  • Creativity, visualization
  • Holding together under pressure
  • Controlling your destiny
  1. Analysis of training


4500 Kcal approx. is spread into Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea and Dinner. Pre-game meals are altered with extra Carbo (Complex) 3 hours before the game. Continental meals two days per week are also served.

Sports Medicine

Physiological assessment

  • Periodic Quarterly Assesment
  • Complete blood profile
  • Body composition - Analysis
  • Vo2 Max - Queens college step test.
  • General Fitness (strength, endurance etc.)
  • Power - Flexibility - Sit and Reach


  • U. S.Therapy
  • S. W Diathermy
  • T.E.N.S
  • IFT
  • Manual therapy
  • Wax part

Serious Medical/ Surgical cases are referred to Tata Main Hospital for treatment.


Since the cadets are from a very diversified group, tutorials are arranged to prepare cadets for private Matriculation/ NIOS exams. Cadets are enrolled in local schools.


The cadets are given an annual vacation for 3 to 4 weeks every year. To and Fro railway fare to their respective home is reimbursed.


"The last Convocation was held on Oct. 1, 2012 in which Mr. H M Nerurkar, M.D. Tata Steel presented the TFA Colours to the 18 Graduating cadets.

All the 18 cadets have been placed with
I league Clubs such as Pailon Arrows, Salgaocar, Churchill Brothers, Md. Sporting etc."

TFA Team's exposure trip to Sheffield

As part of their curriculum the cadets of Tata Football Academy were sent for foreign exposure trip to train and compete in superior football environments in September 2012.

The 11th batch of TFA comprising of 20 players between 17 – 18 years of age visited Sheffield United Football Club (SUFC), UK for a period of three weeks where they accessed and gained from coaching staff of SUFC and witnessed firsthand the professional football at the highest level.

The team comprising of 20 players, 3 coaches, 1 physiotherapist accompanied by a Manager left Jamshedpur on September 1, 2012, reached UK on Sept 2 and started their training from Sept. 3, 2012.

1. Ricardo Cardozo 14. Manash Sarkar
2. Deepak Tirkey 15. Vinit Rai
3. H Rocky Singh 16. Biswajit Sardar
4. K Udanta Singh 17. Md. Moniruzzaman Ansari
5. N Sanjiv Kumar Singh 18. Longjam Lamyanba Meitei
6. Sekh Rohit 19. Aibanbha Kupar Dohling
7. Harpreet Singh 20. Ramandeep Kumar
8. Jarmanjit Singh 21. Mr. M R Bhalla - Manager
9. Suraj 22. Mr. Danasekara Pandian - S&C Coach
10. Kamaldeep Singh 23. Mr. Richard Hood - Coach
11. Gurpreet Singh 24. Mr. Indranil Chakraborty - Coach
12. Baidyanath Das 25. Dr. Shashi Ranjan Sahay - Physio
13. Narayan Das  

The TFA team also played five exhibition cum competitive matches with Sheffield FC U19, Sheffield young boys team, Hallam FC U19, Handsworth FC U19 and Stavely FC U19. There were eyes watching our cadets perform on a platform where the biggest names in world football exist. The opportunity to grow, learn and be seen was up for grabs - and the TFA cadets made each day count.

The Sheffield Coaches selected three TFA boys to train with their U-18 Team for 3-4 days.


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